From 17th May 2021, training will recommence every Monday and Wednesday from 7pm to 8:15pm. Content covers traditional Shotokan Karate, the three Ks, Kihon (fundamentals of Karate), Kata (set ‘forms’), and Kumite (fighting techniques). Advanced training options include Ladies’ self defence, preparation for Dan grading, competition training and the street environment.

All adult grades are welcome,  the training is structured and will cover beginner level through to black belt. New members please arrive at the Dojo by 6:45pm for further information/registration BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Self Defence

Self defence is covered in the advanced classes held at the Brighton Club. These lessons could cover how to apply and modify techniques into an effective and complete system of self defence. Short and long range striking techniques, grappling and chokes, takedowns and groundwork will be covered if required.

For ladies’ self defence, lessons are specifically based on the above self-defence sessions but modified accordingly. Tuition includes advice on threat awareness and avoidance tactics.